Operation helps sensitive condition for Pete

Some 1.7 million people in the UK suffer from haemorrhoids, and for some people such as Pete from Wiltshire, the condition is due to an inherited vascular condition rather than related to diet or any other reason.

March 21 2017

Devizes NHS Treatment Centre - Success Stories - PeteMany people who have haemorrhoids do not show any symptoms, but for Pete the symptoms became progressively worse over some years. Like others with the condition, Pete began with haemorrhoids internally which are a nuisance but controllable, leading to ones which pop outside the body but which can be pushed back in, to the final stage which is when the haemorrhoids stay outside the body permanently.

Pete went to see his GP and they discussed the options.

“My doctor suggested surgery and referred me to Devizes NHS Treatment Centre. They saw me relatively quickly and were able to time my surgery so that I could have it when I returned from a long trip abroad.”

He added:

“My consultant was Paula dos Santos. I met her at the first appointment and it was reassuring to know that she would be carrying out the operation. Haemorrhoid removal is an invasive operation in a part of the body which is constantly in use and which takes time to heal. Shortly after the operation when I was in pain and needed to speak to someone and make sure what was happening to me was normal, Paula rang me, had a long chat with me and reassured me. My own GP was very good too.”

It is now just over a month since Pete’s operation and he is on the mend, getting back to normal life.

“Mine was a painful procedure, but the people at Devizes NHS Treatment Centre provided me with a very good quality service and did all they could to help me manage the pain. Everybody was helpful, the environment was pleasant, the receptionists always welcoming and I didn’t have to wait for an appointment. I came away with the impression that the patient always comes first. I can’t recommend Paula dos Santos and her colleagues highly enough – they were extraordinarily good.”

Patricia Warwick, Hospital Director at Devizes NHS Treatment Centre, added:

“Haemorrhoids may not be life-threatening but they are painful, uncomfortable and unpleasant and while the long-term effect of surgery is good, initially it is difficult for the patient. Pete has been extremely brave in coming forward to share his experiences and we are very grateful to him for doing so.”

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